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Welcome to Blog Twice - the Studio Blink Twice blog. Check back for sneak previews, new artwork and all the latest Blink Twice news.

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Monday, January 29, 2007
MOON! First International Release through VIPER!
Posted by Lorenzo at 1:10 pm

Well now, I been away for a loooong time in the world of Blink Forum posting, huh? But I'm back this week with a TON of exciting news!

First up, I'm here to officially announce the FIRST EVER MOON! INTERNATIONAL RELEASE!!!!! That's right, folks, after harping on about this ole' title for sooo long, it's time we put our comic pages where our mouths something! For a while now we've been wanting to get some MOON! stuff out there ahead of the series launch, and when the kool Kats at hipper-than-hip comic publishers VIPER invited us to produce a special MOON! story for their forthcoming Josh Howard Present's: Sasquatch Anthology, we said "Damn right, Homies!". You've already seen a lot of the concept work from it, as I've been referring to it as the "super-secret-special MOON! story" for months in this here thread. So what have we put together for you? Well, as it's gonna be your first taste of the Mooniverse, we wanted it to be something special, so the Blink boys and I have put together a honking-great 15-page full colour exclusive story jam-packed with more goodness than a slab of Auntie Blink's Highland Toffee! I'll be posting more news/teasers on this soon, but be sure to head over to VIPER for the latest news on the release date. There's also a special Viper Sasquatch blog which I'll be updating HERE, and you can read a little preview review over at diamond, where the book got a STAFF PICK HERE! Most importantly, I expect you're wanting to know the book's Diamond previews order code, it's: FEB073830.

Also, don't forget it's just a few weeks until the ANIMATED EXETER festival at which we'll be attending a little one-day comic con, hope to see you guys there. And finally, dear ole' Malcolm Magic has been nominated for an Eagle Award!!!! The Eagles are the UK's BIG annual comics awards, and dear ole' Malcsy is up in the category of Favourite Black and White Comicbook - British, VOTE FOR THE FUNNY BUNNY HERE!

Right, that's it, here's today's pic, a teaser for the Viper MOON! story, enjoy peeps, more soon!


Friday, January 12, 2007
Getting Ready...
Posted by Lorenzo at 2:08 pm

With 500,000 members of full-time crew, along with countless part-timers and stowaways, MOON! is well under way to completion. Here's a shot of some of the crew preparing Mobile Film Unit #17 for some on-location footage...


P.S. It's Like Where's Wall-y/ldo, only cooler. Can you spot...A guy on guitar, a guy sleeping, two guys with megaphones and even a chef?!!! Good luck!

Exeter Expo 2006 Official Poster
Posted by Lorenzo at 1:56 pm

Here's our poster for the Exeter Expo, hope you dig, folks!


More on this con soon!


Friday, January 05, 2007
Specimen # 118548C
Posted by Lorenzo at 1:50 pm

I love plants. No other excuses. The central regal domed conservatory here at Blink Towers houses a collection of such diverse varieties, we've never fully catalogued them, and many in the know would vouch for the fact that the famous Blink Spores and Fungi library rivals that of Kew Gardens themselves! HA!

So, whilst taking a stroll through the East Wing's glass roof tunnels the other day I came across a specimen previously unknown to me. Asking Marley, the Rare and Unusual Plant Expert (RUPE) here at The Towers about it's name and origins he was stumped as to where it came from. He went off to check the books several days ago, but I haven't seen him since...

Anyway! I had my trusty easel with me, and the late winter evening sun was shining through the old glass so lazily I thought I'd sit down and take a quick sketch! This thing was about the size of a sleeping Rhino, and, rather unusually I thought, had a little chimney in it's side...

...quite remarkable!

Anyways, must toddle off, cook's calling to me, look's like lunch is ready and we need to prepare for tonight, as I'm dusting off the Amazonia and whisking my darling girl off to the village for a slap-up feast!

Now, where did I put that cranking handle?...


WALKABOT Design Sheets
Posted by Lorenzo at 1:49 pm

A lot of the stuff in this upcoming project has been designed to quite a high level of detail in the prep stage, whereas other stuff, like this 'bot have been created straight on the rough sheets for the comic pages.

As you can see, my final design was a little different to Robin's original description, but I think it's a fun machine nonetheless!


A little Study for a Big Fella...
Posted by Lorenzo at 1:39 pm

So, here we are, my first post of the new year, so let's get on with it...

This is a part-finished concept for the study/cabin/living areas of one of the main characters in our secret soon-to-be-announced MOON! mini-project that's coming up. I wanted the environment to feel like it surrounded the gent who works in it, with just enough room in that big easy chair for his hulking frame. He's no natural scholar, so I wanted the place to be a little messy and hectic too.

Hope you likey!

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