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Blog Twice - The Studio Blink Twice Blog

Welcome to Blog Twice - the Studio Blink Twice blog. Check back for sneak previews, new artwork and all the latest Blink Twice news.

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Monday, April 23, 2007
Final stage! All done!
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:31 am

The final stage of the "It Came From Over There" set tute'. Read the previous post for the first five steps (or just look at this one, as it's the best! Haha!)


Building a set - "It came from over there!"
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:16 am

Okay, folks, so here's a fun one for ya!

With the launch of VIPER's Sasquatch Anthology just a few weeks away, we wanted to give you another look into the creative process that went into this first ever MOON! international release. I thought I'd give you a break-down of a full-set reveal of soundstage two during the filming of "It Came From Over There!". As I've spoken in the past several times about the technical side of my drawing/colouring process, I wanted to talk this time about the concept of a pic like this, and how I try to use the environmental detailing to tell more about the situation/world the story is set in. I hope this is of interest to some folks, and if not, just ignore my prattle and check out the scribblings.

Blogger only lets me upload 5 images per post, so the final stage will be posted seperately!

Hope you enjoy!


Ther Amazonia: Stage 1 (aka Papa Etherington ROCKS!)
Posted by Lorenzo at 5:56 am

Okay, here's something a little different! First off, a tiny-tiny concept I did a LONG time ago of the main method of transport for Ratt and Teron within the 1st season of MOON! My intention has always been to build this machine up at full scale, possibly for shows, but really just so that I can tool around town in it thinking I'm a dood.
Well, back at the Blink Manor these past few weeks, the wheels of Kustomisation have finally been set in motion, and the old girl's starting to come together. When I say I've been buiding it, I mean of course that my really rather remarkable father has been building it, while I've been handing him spanners and suchlike and saying "useful" things like "it needs to look meaner" etc.
Seriously, Mr Etherington senior is more than just the best dad in the world, he's a certified genius, and working with him over the past few weekends on this has been just the greatest experience, and the most humbling, as his skills with a hunk of old cadillac and a few rusty tools make my drawing abilities look like child's play.
Thank you pops, for the late nights, the hours spent underneath that oily old machine, the beers, and the laughs: you're the best! And thanks too to my ma, who is so much fun and always makes home feel like a wonderful home, and whose new paintings are just awesome, but more of that soon...

Cheers, folks, more in a bit!

Lorenzo "Monkeywrench" Etheringtino!

MOON! 9th Sketch book to be released at the Bristol Comic Expo 12th-13th May!
Posted by Lorenzo at 5:52 am

So, for those of you who have met us at a show, or chatted in here, you'll know there's one question we always ask:

"You are coming to Bristol, right?"

And there's good reason for this, as The Bristol Comic Expo is certainly the biggest show of it's type here in the UK, and it's got a special place in the hearts of team Blink, not least since I live in this ole' town!

The best news of course is that it's now just a few weeks away, and boy are we gonna have some new stuffs for ya'! More on all the rest soon, but for now, I wanted to show you the cover of the new MOON! Sketch book we'll be releasing for the show. Regular readers will know the drill: These mini-format beauties are a limited edition (75) and are FREE with every £10 spent at the Blink stand over the weekend of the 12th-13th May, then they're gone for good!


More soon, space cadets!


Easter’s come…and gone…but there’s still time for a FUN! (2)
Posted by Lorenzo at 5:49 am

Ho-kay, so as Bo-bo pointed out, we didn't get an Easter piccie up in time for you folks, but look, we're making up for it now with TWO egg-themed bits of chatty gubbins!

Mine is actually a VERY late Easter pic. I actually drew this out for Easter LAST year, but never had a chance to finish colouring it. Regular Blink Bloggers will recognise this as the camera caddy car from a T-shirt design I knocked up a while back. Well, once again I missed posting it up for Easter, and if I don't do it this year, it'll never go up, as there's already enough dubious life drawing of Ratt and Teron there to make me cringe a little (note in particular that Ratt's tail completely disappears in panel 3!) HAHA! So here it is, in it's semi-coloured form, hope you enjoy...

Friday, April 20, 2007
Easter’s come…and gone…but there’s still time for a FUN!
Posted by Bob at 1:38 pm

Okay, so usually we’re organised. There’s some sort of e-card doing the
rounds. For a company who’s principle character has been a rabbit we
should’ve hustled together a little something special.

Turns out, there’s ALWAYS time for a surprise.

Check out the pic below to find dear Malcolm and a slightly cheerier than
usual Fikov rendered in chocolate joy. Yep. The Easter bunny delivered, and

If anyone has any other pictures of chocolate rabbits they’d like to send
our way, please, feel free.

The address for mailing is:

All the best and a big wet kiss,



Friday, April 13, 2007
Vote MALCOLM! By the 22nd, if you please!
Posted by Lorenzo at 7:10 am

Well, a huge thank you to everyone who voted for Malcolm in the first round of the Huge 2007 Eagle awards, the UK's main comics awards ceremony. We're very excited to now be in the final shortlist for "Best B & W Comic - British". All you need to do to try and help us grab that golden trophy is visit the Eagle Awards website before 22nd April, add your email address, then scroll down to category 13: "Award for Favourite Black and White Comic book - British". Tick the MALCOLM MAGIC box and click the 'submit' button at the bottom of the page. I hope you can help the funny bunny scoop the prize, but please don't do multiple votes under the same email, as they will get disqualified. Cheers, folks!

More soon!


Blink Twice in ImagineFX issue 17! Out now!
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:53 am

First up, a little promo piccie I knocked up to celebrate the fact that we're in this month's copy (issue 17) of the excellent British mag IMAGINE FX! Nice!

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Single Issues of Malcolm Magic to be discontiued! GASP!
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:49 am

Right, I'm here to announce that, unbelievable as it may seem, we're discontinuing the entire series of single issues of Malcolm magic! Gasp! And you thought they'd be around forever?!! HA! If you wanna complete your collection, or just pic up a few copies of issue one to sell on Ebay for a massive profit in twenty years' time, then be sure to come see us at the big Bristol and London shows in May (more details of them soon). If, however, you can't make it to the shows, and you live in the UK, then you may wanna head on over to the Blink Store, but hurry, you've only got until the 1st May, then those babies become RARE!!!


Lorenzo "We giveth, then we taketh away" Etheringtino

Braindead Sneak Peak!
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:45 am

So, lots today, and they're all kinda' biggies!

To start with we have the very first sneak peek at a pencils panel from our forth-coming Indie Spinner Rack anthology MOON! adventure, more from that soon!
Blink Twice - "Comics have never been so much fun!"