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Blog Twice - The Studio Blink Twice Blog

Welcome to Blog Twice - the Studio Blink Twice blog. Check back for sneak previews, new artwork and all the latest Blink Twice news.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Two Blogs a day!...
Posted by Bob at 2:02 am
...regular as clockwork...I blame a high-fibre diet...

Okay so not the most productive use of this space but hey, it made ME laugh!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Ladies and Gentlemen!'s Mr Words...
Posted by Bob at 6:04 pm
Hello Blink Blog Buddies and Brave Bunny Boilers!
Cor...a little alliteration lasts a long time!...(note to self: stop that now!)

Ahem...hello again. Please allow myself to introduce...myself...

I'm Bob. I put words on a piece of paper and pass it to my brother who turns my words into the pictures that I see in my mind but could never create. Never. Not even with Beelzebub leaning over my shoulder, snarling in a disturbing fashion and occasionally prodding me with a red hot poker. Never.

It's a humbling experience but one that I cling to. That's not to say that I've forgotten the good old days when Lorenzo could barely link his stickmen! Ha! I was the chief drawist then! If only someone had warned me how short lived my dominance of the pencil would be I might not have bet my little bro my soul that I'd always be the best. . The lessons of youth.

Anywho, I'll be popping in from time to time to share insider gossip on forthcoming BLINK TWICE products/specials/appearances etc, and will be laying down some ultra-rare early script drafts of unseen work, yet-to-be-released work, as well as discussing the writing and creative process behind Malcolm Magic and MOON!

Loads of goodies to come so you just stay tuned and stay classy.

Bob - 'Keep on loggin' and we'll keep on bloggin'...'

Malcolm Magic 11 Preview Pencils!
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:42 am

Happy Tuesday, fellow Blinkers!! I wanted to delve back into the world of pencil lines and smudgey-smudges for some "hot off the press" sneak-peaks at Malcolm Magic issue 11 pencils today. Presented here then are shots of Hush getting his turnip-shaped booty kicked, Tonka going to pieces, Fikov Reggy and Chester having a few troubles with those Bats over the roof-tops of Happy Hippy Dale, and the Gullivans having a quiet meal rather rudely interrupted.

Goodness! What a lot of action!! All this in one issue?! Hell yeah! That's the Blink way, folkses!!

More soon!


Friday, September 22, 2006
New Look Blog, new look Wonder Gal!
Posted by Lorenzo at 8:58 am

AH!!! Welcome, friends, to the alllll-new look Blink Blog!! Or Blog Twice, or whatever you choose to call it ("that place with the scribbles and the drivels" seems to be a popular description) hoho! Anyways, here we are, the keen among you will notice the in the dead of night our renowned web genius Mark Clements (go visit his world at crept in here, waved his "magic wand" at the computer screen, and hey presto! The whole place is awash with Blink Goodness! So, enough chatter, Marky, you're a Genius!

On with the goods!

Here's a pic I knocked together for our friend Lesean Thomas in a competition to re-design Wonder Woman. In true Blink style, she isn't just some ole' superheroine any more, she's in the movies...

"This little lady is from waaaaay in the future, where a universe-wide peace treaty has left heroes with little to do in the name of "good". Some have faded into obscurity, others have taken Jobs in bars, but this little lady (with an Eastern European makeover, and a natty line in interchangeable robo-pins!) has carved a niche for herself in the movie industry! With a successful franchise of hit movies behind her, it looks like none can stand in the way of the celluloid legend that is..Vunder Vooman!"

Wednesday, September 20, 2006
An MOON!-man's home is his Dubblepod.
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:58 am

Houses! Hovels! Homes! We all live in 'em, and frankly, I love to draw 'em! SO the world of MOON! has given me a chance to really mix my passion for several architectural styles and combine them in one pseudo-futuristic-retro-Eton-mess! Hoho! So here's a few of such sketches, exhibiting nods to (stereotyped) Mediterranean, Tiki, French, Oriental and Olde English architecture, all with a little of "Lorenzo's MOON! Futurism" mixed in! Whatever that means! Hoho!

TONS more like this on the way, peeps!


Of One Nights and Webstrips
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:35 am

So, we've had a few One Night in the City pencils panels, time for some colours, huh? Back a little way in the Blog (September 1st) you can find a description of the tale, but for now, I wanted to post up my favourite panels and web flyers from the first few months of what will become something of an epic love story, I hope! The format for the strip is that I aim to produce at least ONE panel a month, which usually goes on-line around the 1st. This may seem like a pretty laid-back work schedule, but the idea is that this story has the time spent on it that I wish I could spend on all my other work. Thus, if a panel takes two days to colour, so be it. It's an extremely refreshing way to work! I guess my feelings about webstrips is that they're a title on which you are the artist, writer, editor and publisher. Thus, the deadlines you allot to them should be ones that not only are realistic to keep to, but that give you the time to produce truly top-notch work. I've never understood webstrips produced with such strict deadlines that the work quality is compromised, it's ridiculous! Hoho!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these, and remember to check out

on a regular basis as the tale continues to weave it's way through the City!


One Night in the City - Pencils
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:20 am

So, today I want to post up a nice little cross-section of stuff from recent months, and I'd like to start with a return to That City. Here for starters are the pencils to a few of the panels. Through my work on One Night in the City I've been working hard to develop and refine my ability to digitally "clean" my pencil lines so that they are strong enough to carry the colours without the need for me to ink them. This isn't quite the same as digital inking, or "dinking" as it's called, rather it relies upon a very clean page of initial pencilling, and then utilises the contrasting and brightness tools in Photoshop. It's a delicate balance, as those adjustments can easily thicken or thin out the lines of the illustration, which is something I'm keen to avoid. So, here are some "cleaned" pencils...


Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Studio Blink Twice Interview on Indie Spinner Rack!
Posted by Lorenzo at 11:50 am


Okay, so, a little while ago we did an interview on the AWESOME

with the boss-man Charlito. The good news is you can listen to it on-line! Wanna know about the release plans for MOON!? How about the origins of Malcolm? Or maybe you're more interested in the future of One Night in the City? Listen, if you will, to me and the C man discuss all this and much, MUCH more in this special UK Invasion Blink Twice special! Woot!

The show is RIGHT HERE:

though you should really listen to as many of the other 'casts as you can, 'cos this is truely a great station. Enjoy!

Here's the poster that the Indiespinner guys asked us to do to advertise the UK Invasion 2-part special...


Friday, September 08, 2006
Surfboard Scribbling...
Posted by Lorenzo at 1:04 pm

Good morning, folks! Ah! That F-f-f-f-friday feeling is upon us, methinks! Let's have something a little unusual today, uh?

So, at the bristol con in May this year, a very cool chap by the name of Dale Wlaker made us a very unusual request. You see, Dale's an extremely talented surboard shaper, and had bought along his own beautiful 9-foot break rider for ole' Lorenzo to scribble some original art on! Well, I like a challenge, so I agreed, and a few moments later, the comics were pushed to one side, and the board laid down one half of the Blink Stand. Good buddy Rich Lillie (Gringo) threw a couple of markers my way (that boy has hundreds of 'em!), I took a deep breath and got on it!!

Following on from some great feedback on the forums to this piece, I then did a coloured version in photoshop, which I'll show you all soon! In the meantime, here's some pics of me live scribbling with a team of spectators, Dale with the board, and a shot of the final image. Enjoy!


Thursday, September 07, 2006
Vehicular Weirdness!
Posted by Lorenzo at 7:58 am

So, as some of you may know, I have a bit of a thing for rattly old cars, and while this obsession for Hot Rods and Kustoms will of course manifest itself in the pages of MOON! through the forms of hover cars and suchlike, there's still a lot of room for me to get REALLY creative with my vehicular designs. Here, then, are a couple of larger ones, to get the wheels rolling!

Hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, September 06, 2006
He might be BRONCO...
Posted by Lorenzo at 12:39 pm

Well, the MOON! wheels roll on, and I've moved from the free-form style sketch work you've seen up until now to more focused designs aimed specifically at characters/environments/vehicles/machines & ships for season 1. Although it'll take a while for this to filter through to this thread, I thought I'd post up a little head-shot which should give you an idea of the style/finish of the new stuff. Can't tell you much about this fellah, as he's yet to be green lit by Robin as a character for the series, but I hope you enjoy checking this out anyways!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:55 am

Morning folks! So, today I thought I'd talk a little about the influences behind MOON!

From a writing perspective, Bobber's influences on this adventure will, in some way or another come from his love of the likes of Spaced, Futurama, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, BlackAdder, Red Dwarf, and every great movie of the past 50 years! There's tons of other stuff in there, but I think this probably gives you a good idea of our sense of humour!

On the art side, my influences are far spread out across the comic art spectrum, with a love of European-styled tales such as Asterix, Skydoll, Ring Circus, Wonder city et al strongly keeping me inspired. From this side of the channel, the late great pre-war genius Roy Wilson had a lasting impact, along with a host of other golden age British Comic artists. Over in the states, Jeff Smith's Bone, Joe Mad's Battle Chasers and Baccalo's Steam Punk have all opened my eyes to combining great storytelling and awesome art. Of course, no sci-fi comic would be complete without a mention to the greatest comic adventure of all - Frank Hampson's Dan Dare, whose mind-blowingly beautiful completeness as a comic has never been equalled.

What do all these influences give us? Well, I hope something original, fun, and passionately created, but only you can tell us if we get it right. Stick around, kids, it's a BIG ride!


Monday, September 04, 2006
MOON! Villains...
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:32 am

Hmm, what better way to start your week than with a few of the many MANY villains who will feature in the world of MOON! Here are a few recent scribblings, more exercises and experiments than actual character designs. They represent some ideas I was knocking around of trying to adapt my methods for drawing complex environments to character/costume design. I think perhaps the detail can make them a little confusing, but they sure make for some interesting starting points for baddies!!

Hope you enjoy!

More tomorrow!


Friday, September 01, 2006
Friday is Lurve day!
Posted by Lorenzo at 8:01 am

Well, here we are, Friday, sweet, sweet Friday!! As I'm filled with the excitement of the weekend ahead I thought it appropriate to introduce you all to something a little romantic...

One Night in the City is a silent web-love-story, and as such, I haven't written many words about it, but recently the Blink boys asked me to write a new intro for it for the site, so here it is:

"One Night in the City follows the paths of two lovers, separated by the ever-changing landscape of a mysterious city, as they wind in and out of each other's experiences during the course of one memorable evening.
As the story continues, they travel further and further into the city, and discover the beauty of the simplest stolen moments in a place where seasons can change in an instant, buildings can twist into towering forests, and surprises await them at every step on the way to finding each other. Time is stretched thin across the fleeting hours they have to spend together, as they experience a lifetime of romance and longing in one brief night...

One Night in the City continues, one panel at a time, one month at a

Here's some images from the first few months, folks!

Have a great weekend, peoples!

Blink Twice - "Comics have never been so much fun!"