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Blog Twice - The Studio Blink Twice Blog

Welcome to Blog Twice - the Studio Blink Twice blog. Check back for sneak previews, new artwork and all the latest Blink Twice news.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
London MCM Oct 06 con sketches (part 2)
Posted by Lorenzo at 12:11 pm

Here's some more, peeps! And an ex-kloo-seeve look at a few roughs I did to warmup for each day...


Monday, October 30, 2006
London MCM Oct 06 con sketches (part 1)...
Posted by Lorenzo at 12:43 pm

Hey Blinkers!! Well, what a weekend THAT was!!! An absolute stormer of a con! We had more fun than you can shake a large Blink-shaped stick at, met tons of new Malcolm and MOON! fans, and were gerally extremly buzzed to be a part such an incredible show!! For those of you who want the full Blink report of all the shennanigans that went on, Bobber and Marky will be posting up the full shpeil in here VERY soon, but in the meantime, here's a few of the sketches I did for fans at the show...


Thursday, October 26, 2006
It's B-B-B-Bobber's Birthday!!
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:40 am

So, today's a big day in the church of Blink, as our founding member, mister Robin Etherington (aka broski) has a big ole Birthday!!!!

As many of you will know, by bro creates, writes and letters every single one of our adventures, and is the giant BRAIN behind all things Blink. Getting to work with my brother on these insanely fun projects is an absolute dream come true, and is the kind of thing we naively would chat about in tree houses, on our bikes, and in rooms strewn with copies of The Beano and episodes of Charlie's War as kids.

Little did we know back then the world's a lot more complicated than it seems when you're seven, and sticking to our guns on producing the kind of comics we really care about has meant a great deal or perseverance and dedication. With Bob at the wheel though, it's always an absolute delight and sitting down at the drawing board each day here in Blink Towers with a new page of script is always exciting: wondering where he'll whisk my imagination and my pencils off to this time.

So happy B-day, Bo-bo, can't wait until the Blink Team meets up tomorrow for a weekend of con-based Birthday shenanigans! Cheers!


Wednesday, October 25, 2006
London MCM Expo in TWO days...!
Posted by Lorenzo at 10:29 am

Hey thar, ya' rootin'-tootin' Blinkers!!! Well, the entire West Wing and a good deal of the servant's quarters here at Blink Towers are awash with boxes of books, comics and prints, ready for our trek up to our great Capiatal for the London MCM Expo! Wanted to come in here and share a few webflyers we've done for the show recently - hope you dig! This is the last show the all three Blinkers will be at until next May for the Bristol Comic Expo, so if you wanna come and meet the whole team, then this is the show! We'll be at the stand all weekend, chatting, monkeying around and generally causing a bit of noise, so come along, shoot the breeze, and if you want, ask me to drum up a free sketch for you! Oh, and get your hands on the all-new issue of MM11 before anyone else!! Yey!

Check out the LONDON MCM EXPO for how and when to get there, peeps!

Looking forward to it, my Blinkers!


Monday, October 23, 2006
It's his Party, he can DIE if he wants to (part 4)
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:43 am

More pics from Bobber's Shiney Shindig! Scroll down to part one for a description of the goings-on!


It's his Party, he can DIE if he wants to (part 3)
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:41 am

More pics from Bobber's Shiney Shindig! Scroll down to part one for a description of the goings-on!


It's his Party, he can DIE if he wants to (part 2)
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:34 am

More pics from Bobber's Shiney Shindig! Scroll down to part one for a description of the goings-on!


It's his Party, he can DIE if he wants to (part 1)
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:22 am

Guten Morgen, Fellow Blinkers! So, this weekend was Bobber's Big Birthday Bash in our favorite Londonium hangout, Bar Kick in Shoreditch. The theme, as thought up by Bobber, was that all kool kats and kittens involved had to come along as a movie character who is dead/dies/is alluded to being dead/smells like they might be dead etc. on screen. Well, okay, forget the smells bit, but you get my meaning. Anyways, your dear ole Lorenzo punched his way through the night as a blood-soaked version of Fight Club's Tyler Durden, in amongst a sea of similarly deceased girls and guys. Bobber will come in here with a full list of "characters" who attended, but for now just enjoy these few snaps from this Blinker's wide-angle lens. Oh, and for our younger readers; it's allll fake kids, even the beers!



Friday, October 20, 2006
Storybook Doodlings
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:55 am

Ah, a little teeny-tiny one, here! Whilst working with Marky on a logo project recently I used the early stages of roughs to knock out a little sketch in a style I'd been working on in my head for a while now. Although the final logo has absolutely nothing to do with the look/subject of this illo, I thought you guys may like a look at the little doodle, which is how a character from a Blink Children's Book might look, if we did one!

More such scribblings soon!


Posted by Lorenzo at 6:37 am

Well, here we are, Malcolm Magic is rolling on, and I thought you folks might like to see another little teaser pic from inside the new issue, so...

Here's a shot of dear ole' HUSH blowing a few licks at the start of the fight sequence which lasts six or seven pages of the Nodsuf storyline in the issue. This is the moment when we see that the previously fairly docile Dragon (he got a cold in issue 9 and has not really been himself since) is indeed a force to be reckoned with. To render the fire, I spent some time working with techniques whereby I could get the best "feel" of fire, while still stylising it enough to make it meld with the lines of the art. Using the pencilled lines I had drawn on the original board, I used the pen tool in Photoshop to re-draw the flames, and then fiddled around with colours and glows to get the look I wanted. Once I'm really satisfied with this procedure, I'll do a little tutorial for how it's done, so you can have a go to!

In the meantime, check out the result...


Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Blink Goodies for the London MCM Expo!
Posted by Lorenzo at 8:27 am

AH! So, I know what you're thinking: "Huh! You guys harp on about this ole' London Expo, but what swag are you ganna have on show?" well, my impatient friend, ask no more, for here is the full inventory of goods available for your perusal! New releases include the penultimate issue of Malcolm Magic (#11), a limited edition (30 only!) MOON! Print, and of course the obligatory new MOON! sketch book (50 only!) a copy of which will be FREE with every £10 spent at the stall over the weekend. What a lot of treats!!

Check out the LONDON MCM EXPO for more info, and get ready to COMIC!


Blink Map!
Posted by Lorenzo at 7:59 am

Okay, Blinkers and Blinkerettes, here it is, your very own map of just where to find us at the LONDON MCM EXPO on the 28th-29th this month (that's just a week and a half away, folks!). Maps of how to get to the venue and all the news on the massive number of guests and awesome stuff to see and do at this great show are on their site, but you know the most important thing is to get to our stand before those MOON! Prints are all gone!! Hoho!

So, just follow the arrows...


One (Late) Night in the City
Posted by Lorenzo at 7:27 am

Okay, folks, so as you all probably know, we're wrapping Malcolm at the moment (and that's a BIG job, he's so wriggly! - Bob) with issue 11 being launched at the London MCM con, and the final issue 12 at the Birmingham Expo in December. Add to this a whole SLAB of new MOON! publicity material we're producing (much of which won't be seen until next year) it's all getting rather busy here in Blink Towers. Something had to give, and short of drawing malc's jumper WITHOUT the stripes, I've had to let One Night in the City miss this Month's deadline, and for that I apologise. Fear not though, Blinkers, the panels are still being drawn, and as soon as this slog of work is tied to the Blink carrier pigeon and flapping off to the publishers, we'll resume. In the meantime, here's a detail of one of the panels currently in production at the pencils stage...

Lorenzo "slacking off" Etheringtino

Posted by Lorenzo at 7:11 am

Hey folks!! Well, as you know, we like to give you dedicated Blinkers a little something extra now and again, and to put it simply, we've got so much flippin' COMIC coming out of our ears, we need a new avenue for it. Because of this, we've now created the all-new Blink Blog EX-Kloo-Seeves! These little gems are golden delights of scribbled shennanigans which will not appear anywhere else in this big ole' internet of ours! Not on SBT, not in the forums, and not in the comics, just pure slices of ultra-rare teasers and behind the scenes fun just for you Blog Twice Blinkeroonies*! Ha-zaa! So, if you see Kweet's yodelling fizzog at the top of a pic, you know it's something just for you! Yeah!


*Well...okay, so some of them might show up elsewhere eventually, but you'll have seen 'em here first, just remember that!!

Blink Buddies (part 1) aka "La Galleria"
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:44 am

Ah! Well, here's a change of pace, fellow Blinkers! We've said it before, and we'll say it again, there's nothing that makes us smile more than when one of youse guys takes the time to re-invent one of our characters in your own style. The world calls it fan art, but to us it's a whole lot more than that, it's quite simply the "awesomest" thing you can do to make us smile here at Blink Towers! Here are details of a few of our recent favorites, but you need to go to these guy's sites to see 'em in all their full-colour glory, so...

G0 HERE to see the mastery that is Isaac E. C. Lenkiewicz's take on the MM03 cover (simply awesome!) and HERE to see the whole gang! Soooo coolio! Isaac is a long-time Blink Buddy over at DeviantArt, and his work continues to rock our world! Go Z!

Next up, how about something a little 3-D?! Well, after chatting with all-round Kool Kat Henry Reid at a con a while back, he went off and produced a full-on sculpt of everybody's favorite Bunny! Alright! Go HERE to check it out! You rock, Nomadhar!

Finally, and funnily, is our ole pal Richard Lillie and his quite simply wonderful take on the Bristol con 06, all in comic form!! This lil' baby not only features a very cool shot of Malcs, but also the entire Blink Gang (look out in particular for the deftness with which he captures Bobber's "look"!) Very, very brilliant, Gringo!! Be warned, this strip DOES contian adult language, so if you're a youngster or are easily offended, steer clear! If not, go HERE to check out the adventure!

Okay, so that's that, three great offerings! Think you can do better? Then send us your Blink Art (to the usual email, in the CONTACT tab above) and be seen here in a future Blink Buddies Gallery!! Go to it, fellow scribblers!!


Thursday, October 12, 2006
Malcolm Magic 11 colour sneak peeks! (part 1)
Posted by Lorenzo at 11:39 am

Hey guys, girls and non-gender-specific-Blinkers!

Here's a few sneakedy-sneaky previews of some shots from Malcolm 11, to get you excited. Been having a real ball on the colours on this one, having to come up with new ways of painting fire, smoke, rain, lightning, and all manner of other pyrotechnical goodness for all the action that goes on in Nodsuf! More soon, but for now enjoy these little tasters...


Monday, October 09, 2006
First ever Blink Twice Print Released at London Con!!
Posted by Lorenzo at 1:04 pm

Well here we are folks, Monday morn! I promised you something fun for today, and I hope I deliver. We've never produced a print or poster of any kind before (because, well, it's all about the comics, baby!), so when Bob and I decided it was time we did, the task was set upon with Gusto! We wanted it to be a MOON! image, but rather than just a standard splash-style pic, I wanted to produce something which would show what the INTERIOR art will be like in MOON! So here it is, available in a strict edition of just 30 A3 high-res prints, all to be sold at the LONDON MCM EXPO on the 28th-29th of this month, the first ever Blink Print...

This is what every page of MOON! is gonna look like, folks! YES you should be excited! Hoho!



Friday, October 06, 2006
Lorenzo loves ya, baby!
Posted by Lorenzo at 11:37 am


Well, an unashamedly schmaltzy one today, so turn around those of you who lack a "Love" chip, 'cos today's blog is full of it! Just a quick post to say "WELL DONE, BABY!" to my amazing girl, who besides being perfect in every way, is also a kick-a$$ illustrator who was offered a pretty exciting clothing design job yesterday. Esty regularly produces fashion illustration for the glossy mag set, is published all over the place on a monthly basis, and yet she continues to improve her work and stretch herself as an artist, always astounding me with her skills and adaptability. So I did this little sketch of her last night while she was snoozing, because, well, she's amazing. I love you baby, you make me so proud!


MOON! 5th Sketch Book London MCM Expo Cover!
Posted by Lorenzo at 11:18 am

Hey folks! So, as I'm sure you all know by now we here at the Blink are getting ready for the big London MCM Expo on the weekend of 28th - 29th October. Hope some of you guys are as excited as we are about this pretty darned cool looking con. As usual we've been producing some new products to add to the already overflowing Blink stand, and as such I wanted to show you guys the cover of the 5th MOON! SB that we'll be releasing at the con. As usual, these babies are strictly limited to a signed and numbered edition of 50, and are completely FREE with every £10 you spend on anything at our stand, be it comics, comic board, The MOON! Space log, what ever!

So, here's the cover, and believe me when I say there's more than a few tasty treats crammed into the 12 pages, and hey, go check out the Con's official site:

Cheers, guys!


Thursday, October 05, 2006
(in A Stevie Wonder style) "Haaaaapy Birth-day toooo ya'!"
Posted by Lorenzo at 7:45 am

Not really a Blink art post today, folks, more a little team shout. I wanted to come in here and wish a belated Happy Birthday to mister Mark "The Duck" Clements, the fulcrum to our pivot here on the Blink see-saw. A few weeks back, dear ole' Marky turned...well, that's for him to say, but needless to say, it was fine time, with TWO parties, 'cos one just ain't enough! Happy birthday, Green Man, you rock, duder!

An additional mention too, for our dear Ma! Mrs Etherington had her 60th birthday this weekend just gone, and what a time it was! So Happy Birthday, mumsa', you're the best mother a Blinker could ever have, and an artist of such high quality you forever make me want to try harder! Cheers, ma! We loves ya!


Monday, October 02, 2006
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:56 am

Ha-haaa! Here we are, my little muchkins! Time for more, MORE I say, from the magnificent world of all things Blinky! Yes, my BT brethren and sisterage, we're going to delve into the inky world of...erm...inking, today!

So, occasionally in this old Malcolm adventure, Robin likes to drop a page of silent comedy into the melting pot for a tip of the red and white striped cloth hat to that pre-war British comics styling he knows I love so much. Erm, or something. Anyway, here are two such examples, one from MM #9, showing Fikov, Chester and Reggy entertaining the residents of Happy Hippy Dale like their lives depended on it (which they did, actually), and the other a brand new one from the forthcoming MM #11, as the boys try to find their way through the Four Walls and a Roof (or ceiling) Museum of Oddities. I think that one's a might confusing, but it was a lot of fun to draw! Hoho!



Weirdo in a T-Shirt...
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:41 am

Hey-howdy-ho, fellow monkeys!!

Well, as you can see, this ole' Bloggety-Twice-Blink-Blog is now REALLY starting to cook, as Bobber's stepped up to the plate to bat some verbal innings with youse guys too! Awesome! Our boy Mark-O has also promised he'll be trotting in from time to time to tell you all when new updates happen to the The Blink Tricycle, the huge steam-powered shunt-trike he pedals around on repairing and modifying the great BLINK. Personally, I'm hoping he gets that flux-capacitor replaced fairly soon, 'cos the radiation level from that thing's gone from "Careful" to "Fall-out" on the Apocolapt-o-scale. Ouch!

Anyways, today it's time for a little Blink Fashion, me' ole' chums, as I wanted to show you a little T-Shirt design I was messing around with a while back. Bob's been asking for Malcolm T-Shirts for a LONG time, and we know there's more than a few of you out there who want an "I Hate you, Malcolm" Fikov Beanie, and believe me, it's all on the way, guys, you'll just have to wait a little longer. In the meantime, enjoy this little foray into pseudo-futuristic-product-placement. Er...or something. Look at his funny face! Hoho! Oh...what? That's my funny face? *sigh*
Blink Twice - "Comics have never been so much fun!"