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Blog Twice - The Studio Blink Twice Blog

Welcome to Blog Twice - the Studio Blink Twice blog. Check back for sneak previews, new artwork and all the latest Blink Twice news.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009
My Bro writes for Terminator Salvation comic!
Posted by Lorenzo at 2:11 pm

"I need your clothes, your boooots , and your modddercycle..."


That's right, the future may not yet be written, but if it were, it'd be written by my bro! Hoho!

A little one to announce that my Bro is currently writing articles for the Terminator Salvation comic from the excellentTitan Magazines! Probaly the most prolific person I know, this is one of a whole slew of gigs Bobby has on the go at the momnet, including working on several new books with me, of which we will be making announcements soon once the contracts are all signed!

In the meantime though, enjoy the robot-based goodness I scribbled up in honour of his latest work, and don't forget to pick up a copy of the comic!

Nice one bro!


Monday, July 20, 2009
More Kustom Sketches...
Posted by Lorenzo at 10:26 am

So, I've done whole load of Kustom Sketches for collectors of the El Sketchbook Lorenzo series recently, and I thought I'd show you the lineart and final Kolours for a few of 'em. For more information on how to commission your own sketch in a book, just wander on over to Comics Boutique.

More soon!


Thursday, July 16, 2009
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:12 pm

Big thanks to all the folks who made it down to the Weapon of Choice night here in Bristol this week. Photos of the eve will follow soon, but for now here's a little shot of me just starting to cook up some lines...


Monday, July 06, 2009
Live drawing Tuesday 14th July...
Posted by Lorenzo at 3:58 pm

So, it's just over a week until I appear down at Mr Wolfs here in Bris with a Brick Tip in one paw, a San Miguel in the other, and a head full of Robots and Monsters, ready to draw up something special for the Weapon of Choice folks. There's going to be the usual excellent mix of live HipHop and Dubstep, along with the fine selection of brewskis one has come to expect from Mr Wolfs.

Get ALL the details over on the WOC blog HERE!

See you there!

Blink Twice - "Comics have never been so much fun!"