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Welcome to Blog Twice - the Studio Blink Twice blog. Check back for sneak previews, new artwork and all the latest Blink Twice news.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008
One Night in the City Week! Day 4: Unseen Con Sketch
Posted by Lorenzo at 10:44 pm

Day 4 in our week of posts from the world of our One Night in the City story. This was drawn as a sketch at a con a year or so ago, and I had completely forgotten I'd drawn it!

Hope you like it folks!


One Night in the City Week! Day 3: The Lost Panel Line Art
Posted by Lorenzo at 2:19 am

Here's the lineart from yesterday's colour version,



Wednesday, August 27, 2008
One Night in the City Week! Day 2: The Lost Panel No 12
Posted by Lorenzo at 1:18 am

So here we go, day 2 of One Night in the City week, and I'm posting up the first of two "lost" panels that never made it to completion.

This one is panel 12, which would have been the next panel in line after the pic of the girl looking up at the piece of paper (see previous post). This Panel has flat colours only completed.

I'm not going to go into where the story was heading, as it may well continue in another totally different format in the future, but suffice to say, her having to run back into the city was really the start of the whole thing.

This is probably one of the cleanest bits of lineart I ever did just with a pencil. Shortly after this I began working much more with pens and ink to speed up my processes.

Part three of our ONITC week coming up in a moment!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008
One Night in the City Week! Day 1: All the finished panels.
Posted by Lorenzo at 9:06 pm

Welcome to One Night in the City week!

For those of you who have never come across it, One Night in the City was a web-strip I started a few years ago. The idea was to do just one panel a month, and to take a nice long time over each pic, as I really wanted to capture the mood and atmosphere in every image, especially as the story was to be told without words.

Well, I managed to keep it up for 11 months, but in the end, paid comic work got in the way, and I had to face up to the fact that I'd never get it completed. However, upon going through my archives recently, I found there were a few images that were either never finished, or I had completely forgotten I'd even drawn! So, I thought I'd do a little ONITC week-long special series of posts to show you guys the previously unseen stuff.

First up though, for the first time in one HUGE image, (with colours re-balanced) I present the full 11 panels which made up the strip as far as it got. Tomorrow, we'll start on the unseen pics. Blogger doesn't host images up to the size of today's offering, so to see it in it's full glory GO HERE to my DA posting of it, and click it to go LARGE!



Saturday, August 23, 2008
Monkey Nuts DFC cover 1 Lineart, plus news of next weeks ONITC posts!
Posted by Lorenzo at 10:39 pm

Here we go finally with a better sized version of the line art for our MN cover. Hope you dig!

As I've spent the best part of the past two weeks posting solely around just one Monkey Nuts image, I'm going to do something totally different next, with a special One Night in the City week of posts from the archives. Hopefully it'll be a fun trip back to that stuff for long time readers, and an interesting first showing for those of you who have never seen it before. I'll also be posting up some never before seen unfinished panels and stuff. Hope you enjoy it!

Be back with part one of the ONITC week long specials in a bit!


Monkey Nuts DFC cover 1 (Featured on issue 6)
Posted by Lorenzo at 2:49 am

Hey folks! Here's a high res ofmy first Monkey Nuts cover for the DFC comic. This appeared on the cover of issue 6, and our Monkey Nuts adventures continue in the DFC every week!

If you haven't already checked it out, the preceding 5 posts to this one take you through a step by step tutorial of the image.

Lineart for this coming up in a bit!

More posts like this as ever, every week, hope you enjoy em!



Thursday, August 21, 2008
School of Blink: Monkey Nuts Cover Tutorial Step 5
Posted by Lorenzo at 11:37 pm

Okay, here it is, The fifth and final step in the cover tutorial I've been posting up this past couple of weeks. I hope you've dug the process, and I'll do my best to get another one up soon.

I'll be back in a bit to post up some better sized versions of the lineart and final colours for the cover, but in the meantime, if you wnt to pick up this, or any other issue of the DFC (No 13 comes out tomorrow!) then you can do so HERE.

More in a moment!


Monday, August 18, 2008
School of Blink: Monkey Nuts Cover Tutorial Step 4
Posted by Lorenzo at 9:41 pm

So here we are at step 4 of the Monkey Nuts cover art tutorial. I hope you're enjoying the ride, and that it's all making sense! After this there's just the final design stages, and then you'll see it all come together!

Hope you enjoy today's Step, part 5 coming in just a moment!


Saturday, August 16, 2008
School of Blink: Monkey Nuts Cover Tutorial Step 3
Posted by Lorenzo at 1:59 am

Okay, on with the show, here's step three in the week-long tutorial that's taking me a little longer than a week to get posted up! But never mind, today flats, then onto step 4 to put on a little shadow and lighting jiggery-pokery.



Thursday, August 14, 2008
School of Blink: Monkey Nuts Cover Tutorial Step 2
Posted by Lorenzo at 5:51 am

Hello folkses!! Fresh from my night of live drawing at a very packed Mr Wolf's bar here in Bristol, (scribbling a 5 1/2 ft high robot - photos soon!) I'm back with step two in our week-long tutorial. This time we cover lineart, hope you enjoy it!

Next stop - flatting the colours!



Monday, August 11, 2008
School of Blink: Monkey Nuts Cover Tutorial Step 1
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:52 pm

So, about a year ago I posted a little announcement up about a set of tutorials I'd be doing, under the banner of the School of Blink. Well, I'm finally in a position to start these, though they'll be posted up rather randomly, so don't expect them to be too regular! The first will be similar to those I've done before, but hopefully with a little more detail. Parts 1 - 5 will be posted up one day at a time all this week.



Sunday, August 10, 2008
DFC Issue 6 plus Tutorial week announcement!
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:43 pm

Here we are with the adventure checklist entry for issue 6 of the DFC. I have quite a way to go to catch up still though, as the comic hits Number 12 this Friday!

That will have to wait though, as this week's posts will be something different...

As you'll see from this issue of the DFC, it featured the first Monkey Nuts cover, and all this coming week I'll be breaking down all the processes that went into creating it, from early rough to finished illustraton. Those of you who have been following my posts for the past few years will know I've done a few tutorials already, but they're so far back buried in amongst all the hundreds of other images, I thought I'd do a new one for those who don't like to root.

Cheers, hope you enjoy reading along through the process!


Saturday, August 09, 2008
DFC Issue 5
Posted by Lorenzo at 4:39 pm

So, I've got a little behind on my Monkey Nuts Adventure checklist, hopefully I'll put that right over the next week or so. Here's a shot of issue 5...


Thursday, August 07, 2008
Free Tequila with every one!
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:33 pm

Hey folks, a very quick mini update here, as the WOC boss man C sent me a stack of the postcard flyers for the Weapon of Choice gig I'm drawing for this Tuesday (see previous post), and I thought you might like to see 'em!

More in a bit!


Oh, and if you can get a hold of one of these, it's good for a free shot of Tequila or Sambuka on the night. Don't drink and draw, kids!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008
First Monkey Nuts Game online NOW!
Posted by Lorenzo at 10:59 am

Hello folks, well, here's a fun one! Those good folks over at the DFC offices have just put the first Monkey Nuts Flash Game online, here's our official announcement:

"Here's a little Rivet-yellow sunshine to brighten your Monday! Those brainiacs over at the DFC, in collaboration with the Etherington Brothers, have just launched the first in a series of flash games, available for FREE from their website. First out of the box is the 'harder-than-it-looks' BANANA BLASTER arcarde classic, featuring Sid and Rivet. We won't spoil the fun by saying any more, as there's a little Monkey Nuts intro to enjoy as well.

Featuring exclusive Lorenzo artwork, and AT LEAST 50 bananas per game, this is the last word in banana blasting nonsense!

So, if you feel like excersing your trigger finger, just follow the link below! ENJOY!

GO HERE - For all the fun of the FRUIT! "

Have fun!


Monday, August 04, 2008
Lorenzo drawing live: Tues 12th Aug @ Mr Wolfs in Bristol!
Posted by Lorenzo at 7:22 pm

Hey folks!

Here's a heads-up on an appearance I'll be making on Tuesday 12th of this month (Aug) in the very cool drinking establishment known as Mr Wolfs right here in Bristol.

I'm lucky enough to have been asked to guest at the latest of the very excellent Weapon of Choice nights at said bar. The WOC eves are a cool meeting of Hip Hop, live art and Noodles, which have thus far been host to some of Bristol's finest Graffiti and urban artists, though next Tues is a special Comic Book installment, and yours truly has been asked to come out and play.

I'll be drawing alongside the excellent Dylan Shipley, a very talented Bristol-based concept artist and all-round nice guy. As you'll see from some of the attatched links, Dylan and I will each be completing a huge (like 6-7ft!) illustration during the eve, which starts at 9pm and rolls on until a bleary-eyed 3am conclusion.

Not sure what I'm gonna draw yet, but I think it's probably gonna be along the lines of some big a$$ robot or something...

GO HERE for a look at the Weapon of Choice events past on their Myspace page.

GO HERE to check out the flyer for Tues 12th.

And there's an event on facebook too, GO HERE to check it out.


See you there!

Blink Twice - "Comics have never been so much fun!"