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Blog Twice - The Studio Blink Twice Blog

Welcome to Blog Twice - the Studio Blink Twice blog. Check back for sneak previews, new artwork and all the latest Blink Twice news.

Previous Posts

Monday, October 29, 2007
Happy Birthday, Broski!
Posted by Lorenzo at 1:11 pm

Bobby just had a Birthday! It was a rather good one in terms of all things Blinky actually, as we will hopefully be able to tell you all soonish. In the meantime, here's Mugg to say happy birthday to my amazing brother!


CA Sketch meet goodness
Posted by Lorenzo at 1:01 pm

Here's a lil' picce I scribbled up in a bar a few weeks back at the first of the new monthly sketch-booze meets with a load of cool CA peeps. The incredibly bendy Fran "Lefren" Frenster scanned this bad-boy in for me, so thank you sweetie! Next meet is on the 8th Nov, see you there, peeps!


More sketches
Posted by Lorenzo at 8:18 am

So, what have I got for you today? Well, let’s start with some more sketches from the recent conventions we attended, here you’ll see some of the sketches I only got photos of, including a Madagascar one, and a pic of Bigfoot from our story in the Viper anthology. I drew quite a few of those penguins this weekend I can tell ya'!

Following that, another sketch at better quality, with a little bit of Photoshop colours 'cos I felt like it!


Monday, October 22, 2007
London ROCKED!!!
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:29 am

So, just got back from London, and MAN was it a good show!! Big, BIG up to all the newbie peeps we met and chatted to and just generally had a ball with. I can now also announce that the next public appearance of the Blink will be in the form of a 5-week original art exhibition as part of the Animated Exeter animation festival in Jan/Feb 2008. I'll also be running a workshop there, so stay tuned to this ole' thread to find out more soooon! Now, here's some lil' London piccies...


Monday, October 15, 2007
MOON! Sketchbook 11! Your Last chance to get one!
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:27 am

So, the 50 copies of the 11th MOON! Sketchbook flew of the ole' Blink stand at quite a pace at Birmingham, and if you haven't yet bagged a copy, your last chance is THIS WEEKEND at the London con! Be there, of miss 'em, folks!


GO HERE to find out more, and we'll see you in the Big Smoke!

Birmingham Sketches and Comissions
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:08 am

So, I did a whole load of scribbles, sketches and commissions at the Birmingham con this weekend, here's a lil' shot of a few of them, along with a higher-res version of one involving a rather large Squid thingie. More on the way!


Brum done, onto London!
Posted by Lorenzo at 5:58 am

So, what an awesome time we just had at the Birmingham con this weekend just gone! We cheerfully greeted a gazillion great peeps, chatted with old fans and regular Blinkers, met a whole new load of wonderful folks, and sent a LOT of people home with Blink Bags stuffed with Malcolm books, MOON! Space Logs and BT Comic Board! YEAH!

Feel like you missed out? Well, have no fear, we'll be doing it all again THIS weekend (20th - 21st Oct)at the mighty London MCM Expo!

GO HERE to find out more, and we'll see you in the Big Smoke!


Monday, October 08, 2007
AWESOME, the Indie Spinner Rack anthology in Stores from October 17th!
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:13 am

Go get some, peeps!


School Of Blink is coming...
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:13 am

Sketch Boozing...
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:12 am

Just a lil' one I drew for my ConceptArt buddies...


New 32 Pager MOON! SB to be launched at the Birmingham Con!
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:05 am
Just a little one here to let you know that we'll be launching the 11th MOON! Sketch book at the Birmingham International comic con this weekend. Produced in the mini-dimensions of all our recent sketch books, this one is three times longer than normal, with 32 pages of all my recent scetches, designs and web teasers. We are also for the first time bowing to demand and allowing you to buy the sketchbooks on their own (normally they're only available for free with TPB purchases). So, you can come and pick up this slice of Blink fun for just £3 each, or FREE with every £20 you spend, what a bargain! Limited numbered edition of just 150, with the first 50available at the Birmingham con, and the rest available at the London MCM expo the following week, then they're gone for good!


Mankey Bar
Posted by Lorenzo at 6:03 am

Soooooo....a little experimanet here, a tin from the "Monkey Bar"...


Monday, October 01, 2007
Blink Twice to appear at Two October Conventions!
Posted by Lorenzo at 8:29 am

Finally, a lil’ web flyer to announce that we’ll be bringing all our Blinky bells and whistles to two rather fantastic conventions here in the UK this October, so if you wanna talk comic making, pick up some books, or some of our comic board for your own creations, or you just want a Lorenzo sketch, I hope you’ll be able to come along! Find out more about the Birmingham con HERE, and the London con HERE. Be good to see you, peeps!


P.S. I was fortunate enough to get another Daily Deviation over on DeviantArt last week, and to celebrate I posted a little exclusive up just for the DA peoples. You can check it out HERE.

Dreamworks' Madagascar Pencils
Posted by Lorenzo at 7:04 am

Next up, for those pencil heads among you, the line work from the Madagascar teaser pic I posted earlier in September.


Lorenzo's First Dreamworks' Madagascar story now on Sale!
Posted by Lorenzo at 7:02 am

Hmmm…lots of things today, let’s get on with ‘em, eh? First up, issue 4 of DreamWorks Tales is now on the newsstands here in the UK, and I thought I’d show you a little peek at the 6-pager Madagascar story I drew for it. Pencils, inks and colours by me, script and lettering by John Green and Jimmy Betancourt/Comicraft respectively. Go get a copy!

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