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Welcome to Blog Twice - the Studio Blink Twice blog. Check back for sneak previews, new artwork and all the latest Blink Twice news.

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Friday, September 01, 2006
Friday is Lurve day!
Posted by Lorenzo at 8:01 am

Well, here we are, Friday, sweet, sweet Friday!! As I'm filled with the excitement of the weekend ahead I thought it appropriate to introduce you all to something a little romantic...

One Night in the City is a silent web-love-story, and as such, I haven't written many words about it, but recently the Blink boys asked me to write a new intro for it for the site, so here it is:

"One Night in the City follows the paths of two lovers, separated by the ever-changing landscape of a mysterious city, as they wind in and out of each other's experiences during the course of one memorable evening.
As the story continues, they travel further and further into the city, and discover the beauty of the simplest stolen moments in a place where seasons can change in an instant, buildings can twist into towering forests, and surprises await them at every step on the way to finding each other. Time is stretched thin across the fleeting hours they have to spend together, as they experience a lifetime of romance and longing in one brief night...

One Night in the City continues, one panel at a time, one month at a

Here's some images from the first few months, folks!

Have a great weekend, peoples!

Blink Twice - "Comics have never been so much fun!"