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Welcome to Blog Twice - the Studio Blink Twice blog. Check back for sneak previews, new artwork and all the latest Blink Twice news.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Ladies and Gentlemen!'s Mr Words...
Posted by Bob at 6:04 pm
Hello Blink Blog Buddies and Brave Bunny Boilers!
Cor...a little alliteration lasts a long time!...(note to self: stop that now!)

Ahem...hello again. Please allow myself to introduce...myself...

I'm Bob. I put words on a piece of paper and pass it to my brother who turns my words into the pictures that I see in my mind but could never create. Never. Not even with Beelzebub leaning over my shoulder, snarling in a disturbing fashion and occasionally prodding me with a red hot poker. Never.

It's a humbling experience but one that I cling to. That's not to say that I've forgotten the good old days when Lorenzo could barely link his stickmen! Ha! I was the chief drawist then! If only someone had warned me how short lived my dominance of the pencil would be I might not have bet my little bro my soul that I'd always be the best. . The lessons of youth.

Anywho, I'll be popping in from time to time to share insider gossip on forthcoming BLINK TWICE products/specials/appearances etc, and will be laying down some ultra-rare early script drafts of unseen work, yet-to-be-released work, as well as discussing the writing and creative process behind Malcolm Magic and MOON!

Loads of goodies to come so you just stay tuned and stay classy.

Bob - 'Keep on loggin' and we'll keep on bloggin'...'
Blink Twice - "Comics have never been so much fun!"